The first step will be to complete the initial bridal inquiry form. Once I receive your request, along with all of the information that I need, and as long as the dates are available, the next step is to get a customized package and proposal. You will then pay your 30% deposit and then sign the contract. Please note that your deposit is a retainer and is non-refundable and non-transferable and does go towards your wedding day total. Once I receive your signed service agreement and your deposit, your date is officially confirmed.

  1. Exceptional Skill and Experience: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced makeup artists and hairstylists who have a deep understanding of the latest trends, techniques, and styles in bridal beauty. We continuously update our skills and stay abreast of industry developments to ensure we deliver top-notch services.

  2. Personalized Approach: We believe in the power of personalization. We take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and individual style, and we work closely with you to create a bridal look that reflects your unique personality and enhances your natural beauty. We value open communication and collaboration to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  3. Attention to Detail: We pay meticulous attention to detail to achieve flawless results. From precision in makeup application to intricate hairstyling, we focus on every aspect of your bridal look, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Our goal is to create a polished and cohesive appearance that surpasses your expectations.

  4. Quality Products and Techniques: We only use professional-grade and high-quality products in our services. Our makeup artists and hairstylists are trained in the latest application techniques and employ industry-standard practices to ensure long-lasting, photo-friendly, and stunning results. We prioritize using products that are gentle on the skin and hair, taking into consideration different skin types and sensitivities.

  5. Client Satisfaction: At Freiya Beauty, client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive and enjoyable experience from the moment you contact us to the completion of your bridal beauty services. We strive to create a calm, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere where you can feel pampered and taken care of.

These qualities combine to set Freiya Beauty apart in the area, providing brides with a standout bridal beauty experience that is tailored to their needs and executed with professionalism, artistry, and attention to detail.

Yes, we offer both hair styling  services for brides. Our team of professionals is skilled in creating beautiful hairstyles that complement your overall bridal look. Whether you have a specific hairstyle in mind or need guidance in choosing the perfect style, we are here to cater to your needs and ensure you look stunning on your wedding day.

From updos and half-up hairstyles to braids, curls, updos, Hollywood waves and sleek styles, we offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. Our goal is to create a hairstyle that  lasts throughout your special day.

Certainly! If you prefer makeup only for your wedding, we offer standalone makeup services to cater to your preference. Our professional makeup artist will work closely with you to create a customized makeup look that enhances your natural beauty and complements your wedding attire. Whether you desire a natural or soft glam style, our goal is to ensure you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. We use high-quality products and techniques to achieve a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Certainly! Here are some additional points on the importance of a bridal trial:

  1. Eliminating Surprises: The trial helps avoid any surprises or uncertainties on your wedding day. By seeing the final look beforehand, you can make any necessary adjustments or changes to ensure you feel confident and happy with your bridal appearance.

  2. Building Trust and Confidence: The trial allows you to build trust and rapport with your makeup artist and hairstylist. It gives you the opportunity to see their skills and expertise firsthand, providing reassurance that you are in capable hands on your wedding day.

  3. Streamlining the Wedding Day: With a pre-established bridal look, the wedding day preparation becomes more efficient and organized. The artists and stylists already know your preferences, making the process smoother and saving time on the actual day.

  4. Making Informed Decisions: During the trial, you can experiment with different styles, shades, and techniques. This helps you make informed decisions about what works best for you, ensuring that your final look truly reflects your personal style and enhances your features.

  5. Reducing Stress: By having a trial, you can alleviate stress and anxiety about your bridal look. Knowing that you have already tested and approved the makeup and hairstyle brings peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy and cherish your wedding day.

In summary, a bridal trial provides clarity, builds confidence, and allows for effective planning, resulting in a beautiful and stress-free wedding day experience.

During the Bridal Trial – Makeup & Hair preview, we offer a consultation to discuss your preferences for your bridal makeup and hairstyle. Our team will then apply the agreed-upon makeup look and create the desired hairstyle. Throughout the session, we welcome your feedback and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you are satisfied with the preview of your wedding day look.

For the hair trial, we provide a complementary shampoo and blowout to ensure that the desired hairstyle is achieved and you can see how it will look on your wedding day. This allows us to work with clean, styled hair and create the desired look with precision.

The preview is held at our studio located in Westminster. Our dedicated space is designed to provide a comfortable and professional environment for your trial session

The duration of bridal trial services can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the desired look and the level of customization required. While the average duration for a bridal trial is typically around 2 to 3 hours, it’s not uncommon for more intricate or detailed trials to extend up to 3.5 hours or even longer.

If you’re not sure how you want your bridal makeup to look, don’t worry! It’s quite common for brides to feel unsure or overwhelmed with the many options available. As a professional makeup artist, I can offer guidance and suggestions to help you find the perfect bridal makeup look.

During the consultation and trial session, we can discuss your preferences, wedding theme, dress style, and any inspiration photos you may have. I will take the time to understand your personal style and features, and then provide recommendations based on that information.

Both false lashes and airbrush makeup are included to ensure that you have a complete and polished bridal look. Our team will expertly apply these elements, taking into consideration your preferences and desired outcome. The goal is to make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to walk down the aisle on your special day.

We take pride in using professional-grade makeup brands to ensure high-quality and long-lasting results for our clients. While specific brand preferences may vary, some popular professional makeup brands that we often use include but are not limited to:

  • Face Atelier
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Make Up For Ever
  • NARS
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Laura Mercier
  • Too Faced
  • Sonia Roselli
  • Embryolisse
  • and more

These brands are known for their extensive range of products, including foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. They are widely recognized in the industry for their superior formulation, color selection, and durability. Rest assured, we carefully select and utilize products from these professional brands to achieve the desired bridal makeup looks, ensuring that you look flawless and radiant on your special day.

We understand the importance of accommodating skin concerns, especially for clients with sensitive skin and allergies. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

To address your skin concerns, we take several steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  1. Skin Sensitivity Assessment: During the consultation, we will inquire about your specific skin concerns, allergies, and sensitivities. This information helps us tailor our approach and product selection to best suit your needs.

  2. Sensitive Skin-Friendly Products: We exclusively use professional-grade makeup products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin. These products are often fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested, reducing the likelihood of irritation or adverse reactions.

  3. Sanitary Practices: We maintain strict hygiene standards to ensure a clean and safe environment. Our brushes, tools, and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each use. Disposable applicators and brushes may also be used when necessary.

  4. Customized Approach: We will work closely with you to understand your specific skincare needs and concerns. We can adapt the makeup application techniques and choose products that are gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, providing a personalized approach that prioritizes your comfort.

By following these practices and using products specifically designed for sensitive skin, we aim to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions and create a pleasant experience for you. Should you have any specific product concerns or additional requirements, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We understand the importance of staying organized leading up to the wedding day. To help our brides with this, we offer the following services:

  1. Customized Wedding Timeline: During the consultation and detailed discussion, we will create a customized wedding timeline specifically tailored to your needs. This timeline will outline important milestones and deadlines leading up to your wedding day, ensuring that you stay on track and have a clear overview of what needs to be done at each stage.

  2. Periodic Emails and Communication: We maintain regular communication with our brides through periodic emails. These emails serve as gentle reminders, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and nothing falls through the cracks. We will provide guidance, answer any questions you may have, and offer support throughout the wedding planning process.

  3. Information and Tips: As part of our commitment to our brides’ well-being, we provide valuable information and tips to help you prepare for your special day. This can include skincare recommendations, hair care tips, advice on maintaining a fresh and clear mind, and much more. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive guidance so that you feel confident and ready for your wedding day.

By offering a customized wedding timeline, consistent communication, and useful tips, we aim to keep our brides organized and well-prepared throughout the wedding planning process. Our goal is to alleviate stress and provide peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy the journey to your special day.

Yes, we have a dedicated team of professionals who work together to provide bridal beauty services. Our team consists of skilled makeup artists and hairstylists who have extensive experience in the industry and a passion for creating stunning bridal looks.

Each member of our team is trained in the latest trends, techniques, and products to ensure that we deliver high-quality and personalized services to our clients. We work collaboratively to meet the unique needs and preferences of every bride, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable beauty experience. With our team approach, we can accommodate multiple bookings and larger bridal parties, ensuring that everyone receives the attention and care they deserve on their special day.

Yes, we offer on-location services and can travel to your preferred location for your wedding day. We understand the convenience and comfort of having your makeup and hair services done at your chosen venue or getting ready location. Our team will bring all the necessary equipment, products, and expertise to ensure you receive the same high-quality service on-site as you would at our studio. Whether it’s a hotel, wedding venue, or your own home, we are happy to accommodate your needs and provide our services at your desired location.

Yes, we are available to travel both out of state and internationally for destination weddings or special events. We understand that many couples choose unique and picturesque locations for their wedding celebrations, and we are ready to accommodate your needs wherever your destination may be. Our team is experienced in traveling for weddings and is well-prepared to provide our services at various locations around the world. Please note that additional travel expenses such as transportation, accommodation, and any applicable travel fees would be discussed and agreed upon during the booking process. We strive to make your wedding experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible, regardless of the location.


Our beauty services are personalized for each bride to make them look their best.

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